Handmade gift tags available for all occasions.

15th August 2009 marks the day of an exciting new beginning for GDC. It is the day that GDC has gone live and customers around the world can purchase our products at

For a start, only photo frames are available for purchase.

Recently, we were given the honour to create birthday invitation cards, gift boxes and place cards for Mr S Marimuthu's 70th birthday bash on 19th July 2009.

Blue and silver were the party's theme colour. We came out with a design, using silver paper strips to create the number 70 on each invitation card and gift box. It was a real challenge to roll 4480 strips of silver paper!

Anyhow, it was all worth it.

Bought new stencil from Craft Haven with cool swirls and curls. My first card (after a very very long break) over the long weekend was an anniversary card for my parents' 33rd wedding anniversary.

Made my second card the next day and bought another stencil. In the mood to cut the curls with my X-acto knife.

Mother's Day is just around the corner. A special day to express our love and gratitude to our beloved mother. To thank her for the undying love and making sure that all our needs are fulfilled.

Mummy has been busy making cards available for this special occasion. Below are some samples. Colours are sweet and pleasing to the eyes.

Matching premium gifts to suit the occasion.

Something different and unique - using materials that are available at home.

Soon, we got creative and started to make quilling designs on photo frames and other decorative frames. Expanding our product lines.

These roses are made from paper. More tricky then when using a straw. The paper tears easily when my hand starts to sweat!
Since my childhood days, I have enjoyed making greeting cards and handycrafts. As I grew older, I would only make them when I have the inspiration and on special occasions.

My interest in making cards returned when my office was organising a charity event. I started making cards for sale on a small scale for charity, birthday and festive seasons.

Soon my mum pointed out that it's time that I take my hobby seriously.

We fell in love with quilling when we first saw a portrait made out of quilling from a book. We were so amazed with the artwork and began to explore and learn how to quill.

My mum also uncovered her hidden talent and creativity in making cards. These beautiful collections were made by my mum. Salute to you mummy!

This is my favourite card. It can be used for any occasions. Sold it to my friend as a birthday card for her mum.

These 2 cards is all about love, suitable for wedding. Can also be used for any other occasions - no restrictions :-)

A cute design for new born. This pink colour card is meant for a baby girl. Of course, a blue colour version is also available for a baby boy. Love the cute foot prints. My mum said, the toughest part was making the baby toes!

The colour of this card is sweet. Another favourite of mine.

My mum was beginning to become more and more creative and tried folding the card in a different way. My friend bought this card for her friend's wedding.

This card was custom designed for my friend as a gift to her friend who was leaving for Australia to study.

Designed specially for a friend's daughter as a gift to her teacher.